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Late Autumn, 2014

November 4, 2014

ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME is now an ebook.

Thank you to everyone who followed my one-chapter-every-Tuesday posting of ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME for the past seven months.

ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME is a memoir of Alzheimerís, a year spent in rural Michigan caring for Louise and Mike, an aunt and uncle who both had dementia.

Iíve removed the book from my website, but an expanded edition is now available as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, for the Nook , and from Kobo Books.

You can also read Chapter 1 by going to my website and clicking on All of Us . . . in the navigation bar.

As always, I love hearing from you, and Iíll always answer.

Enjoy these final days of autumn.

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