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Spring, 2014

April 6, 2014

Happy Spring. Wherever you are, I hope youíre experiencing an improvement over the fierce winter.

For many years, between Miss Zukas and other projects, Iíve been writing a memoir titled ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME, the story of a year spent in rural Michigan caring for an aunt and uncle, both with dementia.

Seasons of nature, of radical change, and most of all, the timelessness of love.

Why did I choose to "publish" ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME this way? Writing it was a labor of love. I was trying to make sense of a tumultuous year spent thousands of miles from friends and family, in a place I'd never intended to return to, but with people I loved. When the book was finished, it felt too personal; I worried that its audience was limited. But perversely, I wanted to share an experience that too many of us will - or have - encountered. Please join me.

ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIME is now completed and because itís personal Iíve decided to post it on my website.

Iím posting one chapter a week. All the chapters will remain available to read until the book is completely uploaded. Itís free, and will soon include a link so you can subscribe to the chapters if youíd like.

To begin reading, click here or go to my website www. jodereske.com. If youíre not immediately on ALL OF US AT THE SAME TIMEís page, click on ďAll of Us . . .Ē in the bar at the top of the page. I invite your comments.

Thank you for sharing your enjoyment of the first Miss Zukas audiobook. Weíre planning to do more.

As always, I love hearing from you, and Iíll always answer.

Now, go outside!


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